Selecting the correct commercial door for your property and having it professionally installed is very important.

At Scardino Doors, we have years of experience providing commercial door and hardware solutions. Commercial installations are quoted for new and existing businesses. We can work with your project’s door and window schedule to ensure completion by necessary deadlines.

We’re Commercial Door Experts

We are commercial door experts with architectural and construction expertise. We have the knowledge to provide businesses with the right type of doors, windows, and hardware.

Commercial Wood Door with Custom Symbol
Scardino Doors was proud to install 82 custom wood doors for the Atlanta Mayor’s office / Atlanta City Hall.

Whether you’re replacing existing commercial doors or starting new construction, we can review architectural plans and specifications to select the correct products for your immediate and long-term requirements.

We know how to stop leakage of air, water, or light. We account for door composition, security, wind load, glass, and glazing specs. Once ordered, we can also prepare CAD drawings to confirm door and window dimensions for a client’s review and approval.

We install all of the commercial doors we sell. Commercial door installation requires precision and it’s important to hire experienced-trained technicians for optimum results. Our crews have installed tens of thousands of doors with hardware, including all components such as pivots, hydraulic closers, astragals, automatic door sweeps, exit and panic devices, air curtains, and laser light entry sensors. For full warranty protection, direct installation by Scardino Doors is usually required.

Types of Hollow Metal Commercial Doors

We have experience installing many types of commercial doors, which include:

Commercial Steel Doors

Commercial steel doors are probably the most commonly used type of commercial door. They are extremely versatile because they can be used for interior and exterior applications. These types of doors can also be fire rated.

Commercial steel delivery door installed by Scardino Doors for Nuevo Laredo Cantina in Atlanta.

Most commercial steel doors are 3 feet by 7 feet and are flush-mounted against the frame. Commercial steel doors can include glass kits, which are small windows, to allow extra visibility as well as louvers, to provide extra air flow.

We sell and install metal and hollow metal doors in single or double configurations. Depending on the need, we can also replace damaged doors while still using the existing frame. Our certified technicians will evaluate the door frame for structural integrity, hinge locations and suitability for a replacement door panel.

Commercial Wood Doors

When a different aesthetic is desired or a steel door is not required, commercial wood doors within a hollow metal steel frame are a common option.

Commercial wood doors work well for offices, schools, and many other types of businesses to provide a feeling of warmth to a work environment.

Wood doors also offer greater customization options from the species of wood to the finishes which are applied to the door. Wood doors can also be fire rated, but for shorter periods of time than steel doors. Wood doors with glass kits and louvers are also available.

Custom Commercial Door Hardware

It’s important to select commercial door hardware that complements your door’s aesthetics and functionality.
Scardino Doors can help you select the proper hardware including:

  • Mechanical Locks
  • Electronic Locks
  • Exit Devices / Panic Devices
  • Access Control Devices
  • Hydraulic Closers, Air Curtains, Laser Light and Motion Detector Sensors

Types of Businesses

We have performed stock and custom commercial door installations for many types of businesses which include:

  • Government Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Restaurants

We have completed large commercial door installation projects on tight deadlines for all types of businesses.
If you need professional commercial door solutions, we have a history of exceptional work and professionalism, especially when plans call for custom or unique materials or installation techniques.

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