Our custom wood entry doors make a one-word statement: “Welcome!”

Whether you prefer formal and elegant or refined and sophisticated, we’ll create a door that speaks your language.

Some of the heartiest welcomes are crafted from mahogany, walnut, or even cypress, which is strongly weather resistant. If you’re more traditional, we offer fir and oak. These are among the most popular woods Scardino Doors uses to create custom wood entry doors. Whichever you choose, the quality and beauty will be unsurpassed. Best of all, it affords the warm feeling you get only from natural wood.

A custom wood front door from Scardino Doors says you want the best.

What else would you like it to say? Certainly, you want it to convey your home’s individuality. The custom detailing and refinements created by the artisans at Scardino Doors help you accomplish this beautifully. Choose among endless unique designs to express your architectural tastes and fit the personality of your home.

You can also select from a wide variety of ornamental wrought-iron accents or panels. The latest metal foundry technology makes it easier and more affordable than ever to add these timeless details to your door. The hardware you choose should be appropriate to the door style. The professionals at Scardino Doors will recommend handles, locks, levers and knobs that complement the design you’ve created.

Elegant and solid, Scardino Doors’ custom wood exterior doors are made using only premium hardwoods and softwoods, specially designed to minimize wood’s natural tendency to swell, warp or shrink.

We’ll make your experience as smooth as possible, from beginning through completion.

Installation and delivery are part of our process. You have peace of mind knowing that our company is certified by AAMA for professional installation, assuring that your home will be well sealed and energy efficient.

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Contact us for a free quote or call (404) 330-9056 to speak to one of our experienced custom wood door designers. Together, we’ll turn your door into a work of art.

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